We Got The Men Excited to Shop For Their Valentine!

Valentine’s Day – the one day where all the partners expect gifts and surprises which is tricky for the guys because they are always struggling with gifts. We devised #AAYCelebratesVday – a Valentine’s Day campaign for All About You from Deepika Padukone to help all the men to make their V-day extra special. It was a video based campaign that took place on the 13th and 14th of February 2018.


To make more people aware of the brand and increase engagement. For the first time, AAY reached out to the male audience to raise awareness about the existence of the brand.

Valentine’s Day Video

How did we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  • AAY went out to the streets and approached men randomly.
  • They were asked questions about their valentine and plans of shopping for Valentine’s Day.
  • The participants in the video were then asked to pick a gift for their valentine from All About You’s collection online.
  • The selected item was then sent to their respective valentine.
  • A short teaser of the video was released on the 13th to create a buzz and build curiosity.
  • On 14th , the entire video was shared across all platforms.


The surprise given by All About You to the men on Valentine’s Day grabbed the astonishment of many. The video received over 1.2M views across platforms.

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