When Stories Caught The ‘Spotlight’

AGP is a production house engaged in live productions like theatre, music, magic etc. This December, they launched the first edition of their very own theatre festival called as ‘AGP World Spotlight’. The festival, consisting of the company’s homegrown productions, included more than 7 plays and 25 celebrity actors, all under one roof. The festival happened in the biggest theaters in Mumbai like the NCPA and the Royal Opera House.


• To generate general awareness about AGP World’s Spotlight.

• To promote the premiere of the new play ‘Double Deal Reload’.

Strategy & Execution

With our objectives in place, we conducted this campaign in 3 stages. These were as follows:

Pre-Launch Phase

This was before the festival started. In this phase, we focused on generating awareness and pushing the bookings for each production. For this, we released the build-up poster animation, an announcement video, and the spotlight brand video. To specifically push the booking link, we launched banner ads on Google, Facebook canvas, and the booking tab.

Launch Phase

In this phase, our aim was to cover each and every production. For this, we did the following:

• On social media, we posted Instagram stories, went live on Facebook, and live Tweeted about the shows on Twitter.

• A creative template video on the right side and details of the play on the left side that talks more about the play was launched.

• We also launched the Spotlight crossword contest wherein the winners got free passes for the shows.

• We also launched a list of individual reasons to watch the play, along with a video from the actors as to why the audience needs to watch the respective play.

• Lastly, we did a countdown to the release of the play.


In this phase, we put out PR articles, testimonies from the artists about their experiences working with AGP World, and AGP World’s Spotlight experience video. Additionally, we also did posts on the reasons to watch the respective plays. These were in post format as well as in the form of videos from the actor.


Our campaign was extremely effective. The hashtag we used to promote the campaign was #AgpWorldSpotlight and it generated a total reach of 1.14 Million on Twitter.

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