Kaalakaandi Hangover Goes Viral

Kaalakaandi is a psychedelic film focusing on three different stories that are somehow woven together. With the legendary Saif Ali Khan as one of the stars in the movie, this is probably one of the best adult dark comedies ever. Here’s what we did for this movie!

Kaalakaandi Trailer Launch

We launched the movie trailer on 6th December 2017. To boost the same, we uploaded various boomerangs and a few videos of actors talking about their experiences while shooting the movie. We also uploaded images from the trailer launch event.

The trailer got over 2 million views in a day, and the reviews were outstanding. We used various clippings from the trailer and made various kinds of creatives like review cards, milestones, GIFs and videos.

The official trailer of Kaalakaandi has about 8.1 Million views on YouTube. On Facebook, it has 2.6 Million views, 23K reactions, 1.3K comments and about 1.9K shares. It trended in India for about 4-5 hours and in Mumbai for about 8 hours.

We also uploaded a video wherein the actors of the movie told the audience what according to them ‘Kaalakaandi’ is. Later, users were asked to tell us, in one word, what according to them ‘Kaalakaandi’ meant using the hashtag #WTFIsKaalakaandi. After user interactions, we put up a word cloud of answers by the users in video format. To watch the video, click here!

Swagpur Ka Chaudhary Launch

To launch this song in full swing, we first pushed out the Kaalakaandi FB Filter Contest. In the contest, users had to click a selfie with the Kaalakaandi Filter and send it to us. The winners of this contest were called for the song launch of ‘Swagpur Ka Chaudhary’ for a Meet-&-Greet with the stars of Kaalakaandi. The song was launched on 23rd December 2017 and has 2.6 Million views on YouTube. Even after the contest was done, people sent in their selfies with the Kaalakaandi Filter. The reviews this song received were amazing.

‘Evolution Of Swag’ creatives were uploaded to push the song. Apart from this, we also pushed out lyrical creatives, review cards and milestones for leverage. ‘My Swag Step’ was another contest that took place wherein we asked users to send in their ‘Swag Steps’ and the best ones were rewarded.

Kaala Doreya Launch

Kaala Doreya was another song from the movie. We launched this song on 27th December 2017. It’s a remake of an old Punjabi wedding song. The reviews this song received were outstanding. Lyrical GIFs were uploaded to push out the song. The song got about 3 Million views on Facebook & YouTube.

Kaalakaandi Hangover Contest

To celebrate the New Year the Kaalakaandi way, the #KaalakaandiHangover contest was launched. Here the users were supposed to send in their 31st night or 1st morning hangover images. The winners would be awarded. A New Year Resolution video was also uploaded. Click here to watch it!

Overall, given how hard this movie has hit the Indian markets, we are just proud of ourselves for making digital interactions happen!

2018 looks like a year filled with drama, fun and action for Fox Star Hindi, which means a lot of exciting campaigns coming your way. So gear up!

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