Sky-Diving Mentalism In Dubai

Nicolai Friedrich is the mentalist who combines visual artistry, fantastic comedy and fascinating mental magic to create mind-bending mentalism. Given that Nicolai was to perform for the first time in Dubai on the 25th of November, we kick-started our campaign on social media.

We started by creating a buzz around his performance. On the 6th of November, we posted an announcement video on the difference between a mentalist and a magician. Here, Nicolai told his audience about how he uses psychological principles and channels the power of the subconscious mind into his tricks to wow the audience.

Portals such as Gulf News, Time Out Dubai, and The National AE published articles around the mentalist which enhanced our digital scope.

For this telepathic event, we posted puzzle creatives of famous works like the Mona Lisa, expanding on how he puts things together.

On 22nd of November, that is, 3 days before the show, Nicolai went live on Facebook. He got numerous views despite it being his first Facebook Live. In the live, he told the viewers about him being not only a licensed pilot but also about his flying expertise since the age of 16.

On 23rd of November, that is, a day after his Facebook Live, he also performed a trick while sky diving. You can watch the trick here!

Interactive Facebook banners were designed to give this campaign its uniqueness. All the buzz showed its worth when Nicolai’s show was a hit on the 25th of November. We were rooting for this famous German mentalist and our hopes came to life in reality as well as digitally!

Cheers to Nicolai and his mesmerizing mentalism!

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