Live Cooking With Ranveer Brar At Acetech

Siemens Home Appliances participated in the exhibition at The Economic Times ACETECH, a leading trade fair in Asia for architecture, building materials, innovation and design and only third-of-its-kind in the world. From pre-buzz to post-the-event, we leveraged its presence at Acetech.

How did we leverage our presence at Acetech?

Pre-buzz activities

  • To create the right traction for the presence at Acetech 2017, we conducted the contest of #MyCulinaryJourney across the social media platforms of Siemens Home Appliances.

  • The contest required users sharing their first cooking experience. The objective was to create more engagement and build excitement for the live-cooking session at our event at Acetech. The gratification of the contest was VIP entry for Acetech and a chance to have an interactive session with Chef Ranveer Brar.

  • Announcement posts of Siemens-at-Acetech along with countdown posts were executed on the digital platforms to create more curiosity towards Acetech.

  • We further leveraged the live cooking session with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar through posts and mailers.

Activities done during Acetech 2017

LE 2

LE 1

  • Timely updates of highlights of each day.

  • Facebook live coverage of important activities.

  • Live tweets and updates from the event across all platforms.

  • Instagram stories executed for important activities.

  • Live Cooking with chef Ranveer Brar

    • a) Siemens had an association with Chef Ranveer Brar for a live cooking session on day 2 at Acetech which received a huge turnout.

    • b) Apart from doing a Facebook Live for activities throughout the day, we did a Facebook Live of Ranveer Brar live-in-action.

    • c) There was also an association with a Food Blogger for targeting the right TG.

    • d)The posts were cross-promoted across the social media handles of Chef Ranveer Brar.

    • e) We also created exclusive video content created for the live cooking session.

Post-event activities

  • A video covering the entire event of Siemens-at-Acetech was created and promoted along with teaser videos for both, across all digital platforms.

  • Siemens’ stall won bronze in the Grand stand awards at Acetech, for the best-designed stall. This was promoted digitally across all platforms.

Bronze Award


From the contest to the live cooking session and the association with the food blogger, we received a tremendous response on our social media handles in terms of engagement and reach.

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