Got The Audience Talking About VFX

Prime Focus is India’s largest creative, production and post-production service provider to Film and Broadcast (TV and Advertisements) industries.

We decided to go an extra mile to introduce the audience with the VFX (Visual Effects) services provided by Prime Focus.

Objective of the Campaign

The major objective was to familiarize the service to the consumers in an interactive way by showcasing the showreels and the pictorials that depict the VFX services delivered by PFL on the various projects via fun and engaging content pegs.

How did we do it?

The campaign was executed under 4 pegs: 


The main aim of #WorldWithoutVFX content peg was to show the magical effects of VFX, by showing the transition of the non-processed to the processed images using VFX. The stills that were used for this content peg were from the movies in which PFL has delivered VFX services.


#VFXorNot was launched as a series of interactive posts, by showing a still of a scene or a set of scenes and letting the audience guess if that particular scene was enhanced using VFX services or shot manually.

PFL__VFXorNot__GPS (2)


Through #VFXnotMagic, factual information about the basic concepts and the tools that are used for the execution of VFX were shared with the audience in order to generate awareness about the subject of VFX.

_VFXnotMagic creative (1)


In #LifeOFaVFXartist, personal aspects in the work-life of the VFX artists of PFL was shared with the audience. Light-hearted questions were asked in order to keep it fun and the answers were shared and featured on social platforms.


The campaign received a great response on both of the major platforms. Pegs like #VFXorNot and #VFXnotMagic received good engagement and reach on Facebook. On Twitter, pegs of the special days which were integrated with the campaign received a healthy amount of consumption.


37,952Total Reach

61,976Total Impression

3,256Total Engaged Users


9,905Total Impression

4.16%Engagement Rate

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