Battle Of Da Sexes

AGP World (Ashvin Gidwani Productions) is a theatre production company that generates designer experiences and curates art events. ‘Battle Of Da Sexes’ is an AGP-produced comedy drama wherein comedian Vir Das portrays the drama in relationships.

This time AGP flew to Hong Kong to perform this hilarious show. Helping Hands Foundation organized the show to help the children struggling with pediatric cancer. The show happened at Shangrila Ball Room (Kowloon) and was a big hit!

Knowing that this show was for a charitable cause, we geared up for this campaign. We did an Instagram live with Vir Das wherein we got users to ask him relationship-related questions. We also engaged in different content pegs to increase the user engagement. This is what we pulled off!

Man VS Woman

The point of this activity was to portray how women are deemed superior to men in the most hilarious way!

What To Wear For The Show

In this activity, we explored how men and women view a dressing activity.


This activity revealed exactly how women win all the fights.

Our campaign was a success and Hong Kong gave us all the support we needed. The show saw a giant turnout and ended with a thunderous applause. We hope to continue supporting this amazing production company digitally and make it a huge success!

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