When Evil Leaves A Trail

The mysteriously suspenseful Aksar’s sequel is set to release this October. A multifaceted romance with a thrilling twist, this movie also explores the horror genre.

For this movie, we released the trailer which went on to trend on YouTube for 4 days straight. It also trended at No #1 position.


The total number of views generated was 15 million. Of these, we generated 3 million in less than 24 hours and a total of 6 million in 48 hours. The official video trailer has received 5,756,622 views and the like-dislike ratio on YouTube is 10:3.


Apart from this milestone, we also have pure social media achievements. The hashtags #Aksar2 and #Aksar2Trailer were used to promote the asset launch that generated potential total reach of 31.46 million altogether.

Of these, #Aksar2 garnered a reach of 25.36 million while #Aksar2Trailer went on to generate a potential total reach of 6.10 million.

We put up posts on all social media, and following are the results:

  • Facebook received 2.5K likes, 221 shares, 27 comments & 650K views.

  • Twitter received 144 likes and 111 retweets.

  • Instagram received 218 likes & 7 comment.

Some positive words that trended were ‘Outstanding performance’, ‘Can’t wait’, ‘Fabulous trailer’ and ‘Super hit’.

The audience loved the trailer of Aksar 2 and fans are predicting that the movie is going to be a blockbuster. We are surely looking forward to this movie to release and the suspense to unfold!

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