Mirroring Genes Digitally

We have all inherited something or the other from our father that aids us in terms of analysing situations and putting ourselves in his shoes. So this Father’s Day, Siemens launched a contest wherein users were asked to share one quality that they have inherited from their father. We encouraged the usage of the hashtag, #InHisShoes, and also asked the users to tag the Siemens Home India page.

The result we achieved on Digital Media Platforms was outstanding. Here are our success parameters!

  • We started the contest with a pre-buzz post on all digital platforms leading to a potential reach of 1,969 on Facebook, 1502 impressions on Twitter, and 23 likes on Instagram.

  • We received a total of 196 entries on Facebook, 163 entries on Twitter, and 25 entries on Instagram

  • Within three days we got to a total reach of 9242 potential users on Facebook was, wherein we received 705 comments and 105 shares. On Twitter, we got a total of 7896 impressions, 72 Retweets, 63 likes, and 123 replies. On Instagram, we received 68 likes and 59 comments in total.

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we received a lot of participation. Siemens is one of those brands that gives you more than class. It gives you actual ingenuity for life!

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